Tobias Lunde Robertsen

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Tobias Lunde Robertsen
Legal Trainee


Tel: +45 21 45 00 09

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Tobias assists in a wide variety of legal tasks, ranging from legal research to preparation of legal documents. 



Tobias currently studies law at the University of Copenhagen, and is currently serving as Secretary General of the Copenhagen chapter of ELSA (European Law Students' Association).

Tobias handles debt collection and lawsuits etc. in his family's business.

Furthermore, Tobias worked at a Copenhagen-based law firm, specialising in corporate law, real estate, and dispute resolution.

He has previously been employed at Visma, where he advised on general questions regarding labour and employment law.

Education/ publications

LL.M, University of Copenhagen 2020-

LL.B, Exchange Student at University of Glasgow 2019-2019

LL.B, University of Copenhagen 2017-2020